4 Week Tone Up Challenge 

Let's get stronger together! This challenge will help you stay on track with your fitness goals.  Expect to strengthen your body, improve your posture, and better your joint stability, all while you tone up.  Dumbbells and mini bands are required for these routines.

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Body In Motion

With a busy lifestyle as a working professional, a stay at home mom, or both a working professional and full time mama, it can be challenging to find the time for your health and fitness. 

Body In Motion allows you to take the time for your health through movement.  It allow you to choose EFFECTIVE workouts that are no more then 30minutes, can be done anywhere, at your own convenience with guidance from a personal trainer, all at an affordable cost.  $35/month.

Choose between Resistance training, HIIT, and Mobility routines in the on demand library with minimal to no equipment. Join the weekly LIVE workout classes or watch the replays. Get accountability by participating in workout challenges, like this 4 week tone up challenge. 

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