Let's build your strength, improve your endurance, and get you moving consistantly towards your health and fitness goals together.

Pursue Your Happiness, Pursue Your Health, Pursue Your Life.

Health is wealth right? I'm here to help you improve your lifestyle. By learning how to fit the time into your busy lifestyle and schedule. I'm here to teach you how to move properly - and with the right guidance, you can feel comfortable and confident picking up weights and moving through exercises. Whatever your goals may be, we will work together to help you achieve them, so you can better your health, better your strength, improve your endurance, and feel amazing! We all have different obligations in life that allow us to make a million excuses. With my guidance, we will get you on a consistent and regular schedule, and get a healthy habit going for you. Health is a priority, let's focus on that together.


Body In Motion

Workout with me by choosing from a list of fully guided workout videos.

New content is available each week. Choose from challenges and programs to help you stay on track or workout on demand with routines (Less than 30 minutes).

Strength Training, Core Training, HIIT, Body Weight, and Free Weight.

Body In Motion Virtual Personal Training Membership

LIVE Virtual Workout Class

Join me for a live virtual workout class on Wednesday's at 7am.  When you sign up, an email will be sent to you with the zoom link.

This class is 1 hour of full body work! 10minute dynamic mobility warm-up, 20minute core activation, 20minute HIIT, and 10minute stretching cool-down.

LIVE Virtual Workout Class

8 Week Core Training

Learn the importance of a strong and stable foundation  With guidance from Jenna Webster, you will have better core strength and endurance to better your movements in your usual workout routines, but also in every day life.

This program consists of 3 days of core workouts for 8 weeks.

8 Week Core Training

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With this type of training, the program is personalized towards your needs and goals. I offer a complimentary consultation, which will help me with the developement of your program. Add your name and email below to get started with the process.